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Kolthof plays with mastery, with a tone that is at times sweet, gentle, and lyrical, and at others strident, strong and assertive. Her articulation and technique are particularly good, as is her pitch - and every bit of that is in service to her sense of expression. 
The Flutist Quarterly 

IIonka Kolthof's articulation proves to be crisp and exciting. Her intonation is impeccable.
  flutejournal.com (2020)

With Ilonka Kolthof's recital partner Ralph van Raat at the piano, she makes the seemingly impossible, possible (…)

  Luister Magazine (2020)

What is striking is the enormous diversity of atmospheres, sounds and playing techniques Ilonka conjures up from the piccolo

  Music Emotion (2020)

Ilonka's playing is elegant and refined (...)

  FLUIT (2020)

Kolthof impresses with alternating brilliant and lyrical playing

 NRC (2020)

Kolthof whispers impressively with the piccolo

  De Volkskrant (2019)

Musicians like Ilonka Kolthof are what keep the music world so fascinating

  Ned McGowan (composer, 2019)

Wonderful stage presence (...)

  Kujala International Piccolo Competition Finals (2017)

Enchanted performance by Ilonka Kolthof

 Trouw (2015)

(...) precise and nuanced flute playing

  De Volkskrant (2012)

(...) an unforgettable listening experience

  Trouw (2012)

(...) very high-level playing

  Concertzender (2011)

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